Areas of Practice:

  • Women’s Energy, Mood, & Happiness (supporting healthy hormones, adrenals, and thyroid!)
  • Neuronutrient Therapy: Balancing Emotions, Stress, & Beating Sugar Cravings
  • Nutrient Dense Traditional Diets; Paleo, Primal, WAPF
  • Food Allergies & Sensitivities,┬áincluding Gluten-Free & Casein Free
  • Family & Child Nutrition
  • Holistic Lifestyle Strategies


A bit about Stephanie…

Stephanie Gruber, founder of Berkeley Nutrition, has been passionate about foods and healthy eating since childhood, where farm fresh eggs, a family garden, and wild blackberries were the norm. As a mother, Stephanie has learned the fine art of feeding a picky eater, whether it be making homemade organic baby food or teaching a kindergartner how to love fresh green leafy vegetables! Through her education and her own self-discovery, Stephanie has learned how to take care of herself and her family in a holistic whole foods manner for optimal health and well-being. She is inspired to help others do the same by offering one-on-one counseling sessions. She also provides educational seminars and food demonstrations to community groups and organizations to help others learn how to take care of their bodies and heal themselves using traditional whole foods from organic and sustainable sources. From her private practice in Berkeley, Stephanie helps support parents, children, and families nationwide.

Stephanie holds a Bachelors of Arts from Empire State College in Jerusalem, Israel. While in Israel, she also spent a semester living, studying, and working on a kibbutz. Stephanie learned large-scale cooking in the communal kitchen, how to work an assembly line in the bakery factory, and she spent plenty of early morning shifts in the baby turkey coops!

2009-2011 Trained and certified Nutrition Consultant and Educator, an alumna of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. In Berkeley, Stephanie studied with Laura Knoff & Nori Hudson, both wonderful teachers who shared their wealth of knowledge and support during classes.
Three Stone Hearth
2010-2011 Completed a Kitchen Apprenticeship at Three Stone Hearth with an emphasis on nutrient dense traditional cooking. Working and learning from amazing mentors, including Porsche Combash and Jessica Prentice, has definitely helped shape and define Stephanie’s cooking style and outlook.
2011- Worked as the National Lead Wellness Coordinator & Head of the Berkeley Wellness Department at College Internship Program, providing holistic nutrition, cooking, fitness, and lifestyle support for young adults with ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome, PDD-NOS, and other non-verbal learning disorders. Also, completed Graduate Certification in Aspergers Studies through Elms College
2013-2014 Completed training at the NeuroNutrient Therapy Institute with Diet & Mood Cure guru Julia Ross and has become a Certified NeuroNutrient Therapy Specialist. She absolutely loves working with these advanced healing protocols and has seen great benefits with her clients struggling with mood, energy, cravings, and addictions among others!

2013- Currently studying Western Herbalism and is beyond excited to continue work towards becoming a Certified Herbalist!
Spring 2014 Certified as a Trained Hormone Cure Coach by Sara Gottfried, MD, author of The Hormone Cure. Stephanie enjoyed studying Dr. Sara’s protocols which focus on supporting healthy hormone levels through diet and lifestyle, botanical, and bioidential supplementation. Estrogen, Cortisol, and Thyroid, Oh my!

Just a few of the really cool conferences & workshops I’ve been able to attend include:

Top 10 Health Challenges Facing the Modern Clinician Kerry Bone
Morphogenic Field Technique Frank Springob
Balance Hormones, Balance Health Dr. Ronda Nelson
AAT: Defeating the Greatest Dietary Crisis of all Time Julia Ross
National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Dr. Dicken Weatherby, JJ Virgin, Trudy Scott
Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Sally Fallon

Plus a few past clients and attendees to workshops I’ve led include:

Berkeley Nutrition Past Attendees