BodyTalk is a phenomenal mind body energetic health care system that looks at root cause and deeper levels of healing and is based upon the concept that the body has an innate wisdom that is capable of healing itself at all levels! This innate wisdom guides the overall functioning of the body-mind and helps to support homeostasis (balance) within the body-mind, helping to bring the nervous system out of emergency mode so that the natural healing process can then resume. As every single cell, atom, and system is in constant communication within the bodymind at all times. BodyTalk uses light hand contact and very gentle tapping on the body which activates the surface electrical field of the body, to help the body-mind start to better work as a unified team! This then helps the nervous system improve communication which is crucial for STRESS relief!!

Stress = injury, severe illness, emotional trauma, financial stress, overwork, poor nutrition, and so much more. The body recognizes stress and treats it as an emergency in which the nervous system responds by activating the fight or flight response. If we never truly move past this stress response and trauma, our stress is never relaxed and the body stops healing itself potentially leading to digestive disease, immune disease, high blood pressure, muscular tensions, cardiovascular disease, mood disorders, menstrual problems, degenerative disorders and many, many more.

In clinical practice, BodyTalk has many techniques to identify which parts of the body need what resources as it helps to restore a healthy nervous system balance while tapping helps to get the nervous system talking to areas that were shut down. Sessions are easy and comfortable, clients are fully clothed, and every session follows the BodyTalk protocols chart which is a roadmap to individualize and personalize each piece of each client’s formula. After a BodyTalk session, clients continue to feel positive changes long after, while their bodies continue to heal themselves! Read more here!

Past BN BodyTalk Clients have ecstatically commented on the new “lightness” in their body where there was previously pain and the “flow” that begins to replace the stuck areas inside their being. They’ve shared their stories of “profound” change during and after each session, in ways that they themselves were shocked to see! They’ve commented on how “powerfully healing” sessions have been and how much “progress” has been brought to their healing through this modality. Clinically, clients have reported “decreased allergy symptoms” and “improved sleep patterns” as well as “less body pain” and even “increased social confidence” as well as so many more benefits. Try it today to see just how amazed you can be at your own healing response!