How do I get started?
Whether you’d like to have a question or two to email, or you are ready to jump right in with an Intake appointment, the process is the same. Hit the Contact page and send me a note. I’ll email you back with information for the next steps.

For Intake and Followup clients, you’ll receive a link to download the very important files necessary to start working together! There’s a few different worksheets to fill out, but by doing this ahead of time, we can save time during our first session. All of the instructions you need will be on the Forms page so fill that all out, send them in, and hold tight til our Intake Appointment!

Intake: What can I expect? What should I bring?
The Intake Appt is where we start looking at all the pieces of the puzzle. There will be lots of questions and chatting, probably some assessments, maybe some supplements to try, and we’ll narrow down our first step goals. If you have any, bring a copy of any recent labwork to help in our discussions. This is where we’ll go over all the things you submitted too as we try to thoroughly understand where you are at and where you wanna go!

Payment Options: Do you accept insurance? Credit Cards?
Berkeley Nutrition does not take insurance. A receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement or tax purposes but insurance can not be billed directly. The BN online payment form accepts Paypal payments which allow use of credit or debit cards. Sessions not pre-purchased online are cash or check only, with payment due at the end of the session.

More Q&A Coming Soon!