Before the Initial Consultation: What’s needed?
Once you have scheduled an appointment, please download and complete the Consent to Services form as well as the Nutrition Journal and Activity Log available on the Forms page. Please fill out 3-5 days of the Nutrition Journal and mail or use the Contact form to submit the journal before your Initial Consultation appointment.

Initial Consultation: What can I expect? What should I bring?
During the Initial Consultation, we will go over all of the paperwork previously submitted, as well as an analysis of your nutrition journal, and an assessment regarding goals and desired course of services. If you are taking any medications or supplements, please bring them with you. Also, if you have recent lab results, please bring those as well. The next session, generally 1-2 weeks later is a time for further discussion and any questions that may arise after the first session. You will leave the first consultation and/or future sessions with a personalized evaluation, recipes, meal ideas, or helpful information catered to your specific health and wellness goals.

Payment Options: Do you accept insurance? Credit Cards?
Berkeley Nutrition does not take insurance. A receipt can be provided for insurance reimbursement or tax purposes. The BN online payment form accepts Paypal payments which allow use of credit or debit cards. Sessions not pre-purchased online are cash or check only, with payment due at the end of the session (or end of first session for packages.)