Free Guides & Handouts

Educational handouts available for download! Handouts may be shared freely provided that full footer (contact information and copyright) remains visible.

* Codename: Sugar : All about Sugar & Sweeteners!

* Portion Size Guide : How big is a half cup? What is a serving size? A Handy Fridge Guide!

* Why Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Rocks! : What is it and how can it help me? Learn more now!



These programs have been amazing experiences and I highly recommend the practitioners and teachers!

*Wild Woman in the Bedroom free book (!!) and the phenomenal Obliss Course

*Parents check out the Healthiest Kids University for an amazing course on natural kids health!



A few favorite links & resources for better health and wellness through nutrition!

Testing + Online Labs

Genetic Testing : 23andMe


Shop Online

Kefir Grains & Harsch Crocks : Cultures for Health
Sustainable Wild Fish- Delivered to your door! : Vital Choice


Bay Area Resources

Three Stone Hearth :
Mission Heirloom :
Slow Food Berkeley :
Ecology Center ~ Bay Area Farmer’s Markets :


Sustainable, Organic, Local Resources

Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts :
Real Milk :
Eat Well Guide :
Local Harvest :
Sustainable Table :