Seriously… How are you feeling? 

Most people who look for a holistic nutrition practitioner aren’t feeling too well. They’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.. and scouring the internet looking for a change. Looking for some help, some relief, or something to just let them know they’re not alone. Sound familiar?

Are you sick & tired of feeling sick & tired .. and fatigued .. and hopeless .. and just plain awful ?!?!

The entire process of working together at Berkeley Nutrition means you’re not alone. You’ve got someone to go to when you’re feeling unsure and indecisive and somewhere to help get questions answered. You’ve got help and guidance with you on this good food journey.

A journey.

There are no quick fixes. There is no magic supplement or food that will make all your problems disappear. When you take your first steps on the journey it may feel a little scary, or new and unknown, and that’s ok. We are here for you and we will go step by step together towards better health and well-being.

Your Journey.

Every client at Berkeley Nutrition begins with an in depth personalized intake session. This is our fact-finding mission and it starts with a bit of research and some story-telling. I want to hear your story. There’s a reason you are where you are. When we look at the big picture, making sure to note all the fine details that it contains, we can more clearly see the right path to take.

By the end of the intake session, which usually lasts 1.5 hours, we will have formulated a plan for your first few steps. You’ll receive a comprehensive session log outlining what we discussed and your first homework assignment! Remember- throughout our working together you’ll be receiving lots of worksheets or recipes or other helpful resources so you’ll always feel ready.

The first steps…

After the intake session, we will work towards meeting your first step goals. These are goals working towards “taking the edge off” what you’re working on and help you become a bit more comfortable and confident in the process. The exact goals differ from client to client, but generally take 3-6 followup appointments to begin work and see progress. During this time we may explore some assessments together, or we’ll start right on with some holistic recommendations. Possibly some new recipes or maybe a few foods to avoid. Or any number of other directions, based upon your individual needs and requirements. Whatever it is though, you’ll be well prepared and armed with the resources you need to complete these tasks succesfully. Ideally, clients meet once a week during this time so we can monitor progress and stay on track.

The next steps..

Once we’ve gotten past those first few hurdles, it’s time to do the real work. By this time, you’ll already be feeling better and more confident in the journey. You’ll better understand the lingo and the lay of the land won’t be quite so intimidating. This is where we dig deep. We’ll probably need to team up with your doctor to request labwork, or there are other tests that may be recommended that can be ordered through BN or online. And you’ll be asked to make some changes that may be a little more challenging. You’ll be ready though because that’s what we’re doing all this time- we’re getting you ready. Remember, you’ll always be well aware of where you are in the journey and what direction we’re heading in. Clients in this stage generally meet every 2 weeks over a 3-6 months. Or more. It really depends on your health situations and your goals that we are reaching towards.


Once you’ve reached your goals and are truly nourished, you may want to keep in touch for some help to stay on track. An appointment here and there, as needed, to continue making excellent progress as we work together.

*And for the record.. if you like to jump in and make waves, we can move faster. It’s all about your pace and your needs, the timeline shown is an average that most clients follow.


So these are the services… short & sweet.

Initial Visits are 1.5-2 hours for all new clients.

Followup appointments are 30-45 minutes long with extended appointments available.


You are only one decision away from beginning your journey.

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