Health is a journey, not a destination.

These are probably words you’ve seen a lot, and maybe you can resonant with the idea but not the reality because some days it may feel like you can hardly get off the couch or just the thought of a journey is enough to send you to bed!

What these words mean to me, is that the process of healing can take us to places that we never imagined and change us in ways we could have never seen coming. Our definition of “Who Am I?” changes at the deepest level as we rid ourselves of old baggage, deep fatigue, negative behaviors, powerfully charged difficult emotions, or chronic illnesses that have bogged us down and changed us to our core.

Without these – who would you be?

There are no quick fixes, no magic pills, or food or teachings that will make everything better with a snap. It is the culmination of hard work, an open mind, and the right tools that can lead to true deep healing. Working with Berkeley Nutrition will provide you with those tools, as well as the support and encouragement needed for long lasting change!


Sessions at Berkeley Nutrition

Every client begins with an in-depth Intake session which is approx 60-75 minutes long. Once an Intake appointment is scheduled, you will receive access to the BN Client Portal so that you can log-in and complete the detailed digital paperwork before we meet. It is important to fill this out at least 24 hours ahead of time so that I may review before our session.

During the Intake appointment, I want to hear your story and learn more about where you are with your health and how you got there. We’ll explore your health history, work on a few in-office assessments, find supportive nutrients to start, and perhaps add in some dietary or lifestyle homework to work on! By the end of the Intake session we’ll have a lot more information gathered to take the next step in your journey and you should feel a sense of hope that you may not have felt in a long time. (Truly, I hear this often!) Many clients order tests as well during the Intake appointment, including Hair Tissue Mineral Anaylsis which is a fantastic way to learn more about what is going in inside and gives a baseline for future testing.

After the Intake, clients meet ongoing for followup sessions which are approx 1 hour long. During this time, we will work using a variety of different healing modalities including BodyTalk, Morphogenic Field Technique, NeuroNutrient Therapy, lab review, or many other possibilities. Check out the Modalities page for a comprehensive rundown on all of the different techniques that may be included in your session, pending your body’s highest priority and personalized needs.

Followup sessions are recommended every 2 weeks for the first 3-6 months though some clients prefer to meet weekly during this time. As we continue on, sessions can be spaced out longer to every 3-4 weeks, pending each individual client, as needs may vary. Most long term clients find monthly on-going sessions incredibly beneficial, with an occasional nutrition Quick-Check as needed for life’s ups and downs.


Questions? Ready to Book?

Check out the FAQ’s for Frequently Asked Questions or book your Intake Appointment online to get started!