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Seriously… How are you feeling? 

Most people who look for a holistic health and nutrition practitioner aren’t feeling too well. They’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.. and scouring the internet looking for a change. Looking for some help, some relief, or something to just let them know they’re not alone. Sound familiar?

Health is a journey, not a destination.

There are no quick fixes. There is no magic supplement or food that will make all of your problems disappear. When you take your first steps towards improved health it may feel a little scary, or new and unknown, and that’s ok. Working together with Berkeley Nutrition will provide you with support and encouragement throughout.

Working with Berkeley Nutrition

Every client at Berkeley Nutrition begins with an in depth Intake session. This is our fact-finding mission and it starts with a bit of research and some story-telling. I want to hear your story. There’s a reason you are where you are and the Berkley Nutrition Intake appointment is designed to further explore that story. We will be completing a variety of different assessments, including finding a “starter” protocol of supportive nutrients personalized just for you! By the end of the Intake session we’ll have a lot more information gathered to more clearly see the right steps to take.

After the intake session, we will meet for ongoing followup appointments, including NeuroNutrient Therapy sessions. During this time we will start by discussing what we found during the Intake appointment! We also may explore more assessments together, challenge you with some new recipes or foods to avoid, or trial some aminos and other supplements in office. We’ll start with some holistic recommendations based upon your individual needs and requirements and make sure you have the resources and support to complete these tasks successfully!

How do I get started?

If you are ready to get, let’s get you going! You can book an Intake appointment online here.

Prior to our first meeting, there are a few very important documents necessary that you’ll need to fill out so that we can start working together. Once you’ve set up your first appointment, you’ll receive access to the Berkeley Nutrition Client Portal and intake paperwork! Please complete this paperwork at least 24 hours before our appointment!

So, what is the Intake Appointment??

The Intake Appointment is a chance for us to meet and start gathering information. We’ll review the documents that you have previously sent in and chat a bit to clarify or expand upon the information. There are a variety of nutritional, health, and energetic assessments that may be done in the office, including Morphogenic Field Technique, to further help our fact finding mission as well.

Often, clients will choose to order a Hair Mineral Analysis, Adrenal, Hormone, or stool test at this time and it is highly recommended to help gather information about where you’re starting from in your health journey. We may also begin with an abridged supplement protocol to help support overall health while awaiting test results or further meeting time.

If you have any recent (< 6 months) labwork please bring it with you to the Intake Appointment. We may not get to it during this first meetup, but it will be great information to have moving forward. Also, please bring any current supplement bottles that you are taking for review. The Intake Appointment is approx 60 minutes. It is the starting place for all New Clients.

What about Followup Appointments? How many visits will I need?

After the Intake Appointment, we continue on with Followups! During these appointments, we will be continuously working on supporting optimal health and well-being. There will be re-evaluation and assessments, explorations into labwork and other important tests, personalized supplement protocols, as well as fine tuning diet and lifestyle strategies. Followup appointments also delve deeper into a variety of energetic and emotional healing techniques and systems. We dig deep, at the right pace for each client as their individual needs vary.

Clients generally meet every 2 weeks for the first 3-6 months, though some clients prefer to meet weekly during this time. As we continue to work together afterwards, some may find it works best to continue at this pace while others move to visits every 3-4 weeks for maintenance and help staying on track.

Since your nutritional protocols are personalized, it’s ideal to check in monthly to ensure your body is receiving the support it needs over time. By setting monthly appointments, you can best stay up to date with the challenges your body is facing and the supportive nutrients it needs!

Followup appointments are 30 minutes.

What is NNT? How does it work? Is this right for me??

NeuroNutrient Therapy (NNT )is a fantastic way to help restore and rebalance optimal neurotransmitter function. Imagine trying to send a text message to a friend, but you’re out of minutes. It won’t get very far, right? Our bodies work in much the same way when we do not have the nutrients we need to work properly.

NeuroNutrient Therapy uses specific, targeted supplementation with amino acids (found in protein!) to ensure we are replete with these “feel good” nutrients. Julia Ross, author of The Diet Cure & The Mood Cure, developed specific assessments and protocols that work wonderfully for helping support healthy moods, cravings, and emotional balance. Clients have raved the benefits received, including relieving anxiety, decreasing depression and dark moods, increasing self esteem, and greatly improved sleep. Clients are also shocked to see their sugar cravings & junk food binges decrease or disappear altogether!

What is Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT)??

MFT is a revolutionary structured system by which a skilled health care practitioner can develop an accurate individualized dietary, nutritional, and/or herbal protocol within minutes using the quantum physics concept of energy signatures! It is an effective technology that is the answer to developing and sustaining a large, balanced M-Field for optimal health and well-being. MFT testing is done in office and is utilized during most visits!

For more information regarding MFT, please check out the MFT Public Education Part 1, 2, and 3 videos and more available on the MFT website!

What is BodyTalk??

BodyTalk is a phenomenal mind-body healing system. Read more here!
You are only one decision away from beginning your journey.

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