There is nothing like hearing from others who have been where you are at now! Check out these testimonials for a client perspective of BN appointments and their successes! **This page is waiting excitedly for YOU to be here too! Book your appointment today!**

Stephanie saved my daughter’s life and our family. She figured out what was wrong with my daughter. Her testing was subsequently confirmed via lab work. My daughter has been steadily improving under her care. I can’t say enough good things about her.


I have been working with Stephanie for almost a year now and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my health! I am very sensitive to anxiety and stress, and had done counseling before but felt I needed more support for my physical body and stress response. From the very beginning Stephanie has been wonderful to work with, so kind, compassionate, understanding and supportive. We have been working on nutrition, balancing blood sugar, increasing stress resilience and balancing moods. I am very happy with the progress I’ve been able to make working with her that wasn’t happening with other interventions. As a tangible example, my resting heart rate started decreasing to a much more normal number after a few months of starting nutrition and supplement support!! Stephanie has also been very understanding and accommodating of my budget, which has been so appreciated as well. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!


I’m a master NLP practitioner myself, and I have met and worked with many healers, but I’ve never met ANYONE with this woman’s talent.  I can’t speak to what Body Talk is about, but I can say she does amazing things with it! What I’ve experienced is profound and uplifting.

Stephanie starts each of our sessions holding my hand and silently asking my body what it needs help for healing.  When she does this, I feel a powerful sensation of my heart opening up to her. It’s like there’s an electric current running from her hand straight to my heart, and it brings me a deep sense of trust, acknowledgement and relief.  It feels amazing! After working with her for two months, I can also say her process works –  my body has relaxed and brightened, and my spirit has lifted up into a place of celebration.

Stephanie’s an amazing healer; she connects on a deeper level than anyone I’ve ever worked with.  If you’ve felt caught in old pains or discomforts of the heart, and haven’t been able to shake them, check her out!

TT, California

I highly recommend Berkeley Nutrition to improve your diet and your physical and mental health! Stephanie is an insightful and caring practitioner, devoted to her clients best interests! Her unique blend of Body Talk and Nutritional Consultation it’s really something to be experienced! I feel so much better after an hour in Stephanie’s cozy office! Berkeley Nutrition is a true healing environment in the heart of Berkeley.

CB, California

I started working with Stephanie several months ago. I have Hashimoto’s (thyroid problems) and have bounced around doctors looking for an answer to my general feeling of being unwell. She has been amazing to work with and now, for the first time in several years, I am starting to feel better and ‘normal’ again. She works in tune with the body and tests for what it is the body actually wants, rather than what we think we might need. She is very knowledgeable and takes time to explain her process, as well as being wonderful and pleasant to work with. I have already recommended her to 3 friends and have no hesitation in recommending her here! I’m so glad I found her.


Wonderful personalized and caring service! Always a pleasure to meet Stephanie. Results are always an eye opener.


Stephanie works with skill, insight and sensitivity. And then real things happen. Good things! I’ve been seeing Stephanie for about three months now, and my skeptical mind has retreated to the sidelines as it observes how much better I feel: mood, digestion, energy, and mind itself. I found Stephanie and Berkeley Nutrition when I became curious about amino acids after a good experience taking l-glutamine and a difficult experience with irritable bowel syndrome, and I’ve been surprised — and delighted — by the range of Stephanie’s work with my specific health concerns and big-picture healing. I am incredibly grateful for Stephanie’s healing abilities, and I highly recommend Berkeley Nutrition. Health is precious.


Stephanie is great and always takes her time with me. It is a bit of a process, as my issues have been around for a while, but I am definitely making progress!!! Thank you, Stephanie!!!


Stephanie is incredible. After working with her through regular phone consultations, the protocol she suggested for me helped reduce my cravings for sugar and comfort foods and helped address my stressful perfectionist tendencies. She is insightful and supportive, and she truly wants the best for her clients. Stephanie is one of the true healers I have met, and I definitely encourage anyone who is looking to heal and support his/her body through nutrition to reach out to her.


Stephanie worked with me on a 21 day cleanse. It was the first time I did a cleanse where I actually felt and saw the benefits within a week. My energy levels were up, my skin was clear, and my eyes were bright. The additional benefits of less bloating and weight loss were just a bonus. The 21 day cleanse also reset my system and I finished it craving less sugar. Stephanie was available the entire time to answer my questions and offer encouragement. She is 100% committed to healthy living and will support you through the entire process.


I was referred to Stephanie by a friend who has been working with her. I’m really happy with the amino acid therapy result. I have a very demanding job and I’ve been on prescription sleeping pills for years. The supplements I got from her really helped me a lot. I started sleeping better the first day. A week later, I could concentrate better and felt less tired during the day. My overall energy level has improved a lot. I know I can do much better if I work on my diet and exercise with her and that is my next goal. I’m just so happy with the improvement and I can finally live without those prescriptions that I used to take every day.


100% recommend Stephanie! Her fine tuned ability to reflect exactly what my body needs is amazing. I work in the health, wellness, supplement world and even I rely on the work that she does. Each protocol has been specifically tailored to me and she makes sure I’m comfortable and clear on every single angle. She will meet you wherever you are at along your health journey! Her knowledge cast a wide range of health issues and her energy is genuine. I go back at least once a month and have recommended her to others who feel the same.